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Originally Posted by nepatsfan View Post
How do you charge for mulch anywhere else? Does the mulch know it's a strip mall?
haha nice one. to the op. You should be able to tell what needs to be done when you go to a commercial property. If you see bushes, plan on trimming the bushes, you see sidewalks plan on edging them. Generally what I will do when talking with the clients is tell them what we are planning on doing, and then ask them if there are any changes they would like or if they have any other special service requests. Some will tell you that you need to pick up all the trash on the entire property, not just the landscape. At another property, we are key holders for the place so in the event of an emergency or an overnight maintenance repair to the building, we have to go to the mall and open up the building for them and lock it up when there done.
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