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Originally Posted by lukemelo216 View Post
I use a company called the logo company. They can do a 5 page website for you for $450.00. Then id just shop around for a domain and host name.

You get 5 designs, then move forward with a design from there. I have used them for my logo, brochure, postcards, and now I am having them upgrade my current website. Trust me, use a company to do your website. You can always tell the difference between a website that joe the landscaper put together, and one that xyz landscape contracting had put together by a professional website deisgner.

I will agree that we are getting more and more into the twitter/facebook age for business, but I still think its important to have a website presence too in addition to facebook.
I paid right around $39.00 to get my website up and running through a website design service called Homestead their website is, the monthly service is 19.00 per month. This has been the best money spent so far for my business. I have a link to my Facebook page, pics of my work a total of 5 pages. If you have any computer skills at all this is extremely easy to navigate and understand!! To spend 1,000 or 450.00 just starting out was crazy for me. This has been great! In addition, I just added an additional service of accepting credit cards through this company as well. 2.7% each swipe, no monthly service fee nor any cost for equipment, which is a small device that attachs to your iPhone.

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