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Dennis, you may want to put a very definitive marking on the blade or the sticker that identifies it as a G6 Gator. I can see that being a problem.

And just a kinda funny story...

Last year I went into a local mower dealer and asked for a set of Gators to fit an Exmark Lazer Z 60" since it was a Exmark dealer and that mower uses the same blades as my Dixie. He says "No problem" and fumbles around in the stock room for a sec. Then he comes out with 3 blades and slides them across the counter at me. I picked one up, flipped it over and there was no "Gator" stamped into the backside of the blade. I knew it wasn't a Gator to begin with because it had reversed teeth. I told him it wasn't a Gator. He said "Yeah it is, look at it". I told him he was trying to pass off some Chinese blade as a Gator and then I flipped it over. I said Gators have a little alligator stamped into the back and not the words Made In China. He said "whatever" and asked me whether I wanted them or not. I said "No thanks" and walked out the door.

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