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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
Dennis, you may want to put a very definitive marking on the blade or the sticker that identifies it as a G6 Gator. I can see that being a problem.

And just a kinda funny story...

Last year I went into a local mower dealer and asked for a set of Gators to fit an Exmark Lazer Z 60" since it was a Exmark dealer and that mower uses the same blades as my Dixie. He says "No problem" and fumbles around in the stock room for a sec. Then he comes out with 3 blades and slides them across the counter at me. I picked one up, flipped it over and there was no "Gator" stamped into the backside of the blade. I knew it wasn't a Gator to begin with because it had reversed teeth. I told him it wasn't a Gator. He said "Yeah it is, look at it". I told him he was trying to pass off some Chinese blade as a Gator and then I flipped it over. I said Gators have a little alligator stamped into the back and not the words Made In China. He said "whatever" and asked me whether I wanted them or not. I said "No thanks" and walked out the door.
you should have handed him some monopoly money and said "it's the same thing" and then seen if he would have been willing to take that in exchange for the blades.
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