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Originally Posted by blake101 View Post
Have you made up your mind on which mower? I am trying to figure out which one to buy, also between the same two mowers and engines with same cut. I priced both, the Exmark is 10400 and the Scag is 10200 in my area. From what I hear the Scag cuts great and is built like a tank. I am leaning toward the Scag but the dealer is about 25 miles away and the Exmark dealer is about 3 miles. I am not worried to much about price as long as it is a fair price. So I am going to say scag for now, until someone changes my mind, so lets hear everyone. Which mower?
Oh yes the Scag is definately built like a tank ...The kohler engine is just that ..A Kohler engine ...So no difference in motors ...I have never owned an Exmark but i can tell you that my Scags have had virtually zero problems with them ....Replaced 1 starter cylinoid , 1 blade switch , and a couple belts ...My cub has 2400 hrs on it , my wildcat has 1100 and thats all the problems ive had ...
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