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Originally Posted by cutbetterthanyou View Post
I haven't used them yet, but my help said he liked them. We just got a pair of husqvarna double blade ones they were around 300. To be honest i think i am going to slowly start going with husquvarna on everything handheld. Kawasaki is great too, but the rope is hard to pull on the trimmer i have. I am healing from riped ligamets in my hand and the husky pulls easier.

laryinalabama why single blade?
Single blade is so much safer alot safer twice as safe, these clippers will turn any part of your body they come into contact with into hamburger meatleg arm and especially a finger.

Also single blades are far better for small percise trimming of individual shrubes

They are also eaiser to sharpen without getting cut.

I have a double sided blade that attaches to ny stihl combi, by body never comes close to it, good for high stuff or ladder stuff.

If you stay in the business a long time you will have t trimmest on hand held an on on a pole.

But be carefull these things will cut through ac wire dishnetwork wire outdoor lighting wire dogs cats children pants gloves fingers etc.

A couple of tips- lubracate your blades with some type pf spray lubracante before during and after each use, that prevents the blades from getting clogged with plant materal and also helps prevent spreading of plant dease.
On small shrub with large THICK leaves use your hand sissors clippers has they will cut throught the whole leaf cleanly, the gas ones will have those looking like crab in a week because every leaf thats jaggedly cut will turn brown.
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