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Originally Posted by J Dawg View Post
I'm looking at next year buying a new trimmer (seeing as my current one is a echo Gt 2200 curved shaft that has had a lot of use.) I'm looking at buying a good quality trimmer that I will get years out of. I will be mostly doing standard trimming around beds, sidewalk, and so-on. however would like enough power to go through tough weeds if need be. Im looking at

Stihl FS 90r
Echo srm 265
Red Max BCZ2460s
Shindaiwa T242.

I like the echo because of the luck with the 2200 i have, the warranty, and the dealer support. However I like the red max because i have used a red max a couple of times and the same dealer that sells the echo sells red max as well. I like the stihl because it has less emissions, but it looks uncomfortable. I'm so confused . Any advice would be most helpful!
the shindaiwa is a good choice in my opinion, the 242 is well balanced and very durable, the one we've got is going on 6 yrs old and no major work at all and the speed feed head makes it so easy to use, acording to the shindaiwa website the 242's msrp is 299.99
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