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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
i was always interested in your products if we got a rear bagger instead of the ones that hang off the deck.

i have heard on here though about some bad experiences with ordering, just curious what was up with that?

about how much is one of the rear bagger pro 12?
Our blower system is unique in the industry since it is located behind the rear wheel on the discharge side. As mentioned above, this allows easy boot removal to switch from bagging to discharge without removing heavy components. Currently, Kohler has discontinued the 6 HP engine, so only the 5.5 Briggs is available on the Toro G3 series. We have been selling this engine for years and have had very few issues. Currently, the retail price on the Pro 3 is $2450 and $2860 on the Pro 12 DFS, but we will be seeing a price increase on September 1st on many products. At this time, I am not sure if the Pro 3 and Pro 12 will see an increase.

To address the customer service issues in the past: we are working hard to correct any issues that you may have experienced. In July of 2009, PECO had a change of ownership. This also brought a change in management and the way we do business. So, we have been doing our best to address deficiencies in customer service as well as product. Growing our dealer and distribution network has been a major priority. We feel that your local dealer can service your needs better than we can directly. They know you, the products that you operate and stock parts and Baggers.

PECO has also been striving to increase the amount of product testing we do on new product as well as product improvements. We make contact with you, our customers to hear feedback both over the phone and in the field.

If you have any concerns or questions about PECO products please call our office at 1-800-438-5823. We would be happy to speak with you.

Scott Heseltine

Sales and Marketing Manager
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