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Originally Posted by geminibuddy View Post
i have a KUBOTA ZD 326.. I took the mulching kit off due to it getting knocked against a rock/root and one of the blades was rubbing against the metal. I have run it with both the high lift and the regular blades and it was a mess covering me up with dust out the side discharge where before with the mulching kit it did not have much discharge. Anyway, a prior question was related to using a gator mulching blade with a mulching kit. Suggestion? IF I put the mulching kit back on will it perform well with the mulching blades? Also- no dealer located near me. Easiest way to purchase? THANKS!

The results using Gator Mulcher® blades with the mulching kit seems to vary depending on the machine and cutting conditions. Most report better performance without it. I do not have any feed back from Kubota users that have tried it with the kit installed. There are many online sources for Oregon® blades; several listed on Lawnsite.
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