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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

Welcome to Florida "the Land of Scam" where silver tongued devils get away will murdering retirees pocket books daily. BTW Many of these Silver Tongued Devils honest believe they are doing the customer right because they don't know any better. Take Chief Scalpem Up who does a fine job mowing the lawn at 1.5 inches every other week at a reduced yearly cost. Or worse yet the Landscape designer/installer with out a clue. It looks great the day it is installed and 6 month later it looks like a jungle.
I see this everyday. Not only does it look like a jungle, but the maintenance to keep it in check is rediculous. Stuff needs to get trimmed every single week to keep it in check, not keep it looking good. Most guys don't know how to design. They take 4-5 of the most commonly used plants and give it to the customer. No thought, creativity,etc.
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