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Originally Posted by indplstim View Post
Lol I wouldn't come back to this thread either, who wants to sit around and listen to a bunch of people pissing on his parade! I swear the posters on this site are some of the most negative people I've ever seen. I guess its too much for all u guys to say congrats , good luck and move on, Hell, throw in a good "I hope you arnt under-estimating you labor hours on such a big job, but I hope it all turns out well" No, u have to go on a two page diatribe about how in only five days, your end result MUST be shitty! Some people......
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What you (and probably the OP too) don't realize is we ARE helping this guy. Help doesn't always come in the form of "Oh, that sounds great. Best luck to you." In fact, that's not help at all. If you see a guy who is gleefully ignorant that he is about to step in a big pile of crap and twist their ankle in the same spot you just stepped in a few months ago do you just tell him, "Awesome, glad you're happy!" No!!! Not unless you're a total JackA$$. If you have a heart or soul, you WARN THE GUY. You, having gone down that same path many times before - WARN HIM. It's just the right thing to do.

Here we have a guy who ADMITS he hasn't ever done a job this big before. And then you have a bunch of us who HAVE done LOTS of jobs that big before giving him careful warnings. Guess what? Maybe it's time to listen up! Otherwise, why the heck would you come to a forum like this. Just to brag? You don't want to hear opinions from people who have done it before? You don't want to learn from the experience of others who gone where you're going? I'm sorry to tell you - but this forum is not just for the rest of us to cheer you on and never give any advice or opinions. If you thought that's what Lawnsite was, you're sorely mistaken. It's a place where you can share ideas, ask questions, and most of all learn from others who have done it before.

I agree we all should keep our comments positive. But that doesn't mean we just totally ignore it when we see a fellow member walking into danger. I didn't see anyone in this thread being rude or extremely negative. It's our duty to help other contractors here on Lawnsite see what maybe they aren't seeing. Since we have a little more clarity from many years of experience. That's how we raise the standard of our industry. If you're not on board with that concept, and just want some Namby-Pamby-Phoney-Baloney-Plastic-Banana-Good-Time-Rock-and-Rollers, then maybe this just isn't the place for you guys. Because here on Lawnsite, we call it like we see it. We're honest. Sometimes that comes off as being brutally honest. But it's better than not saying anything and letting you step in a pile of crap.
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