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Originally Posted by indplstim View Post
Calling the op ignorant, implying his standards must be crap in order to meet his own time expectations isn't being negative? Telling me to find another forum isn't negative? Have you seen the jobsite in question? Have u seen how well this man and his crew work? Honesty is great and this forum is awesome with the info avaliable, in my time here(3 years reading, 1 year posting) I have noticed a lot of negativity and infighting on this board. Go re-read this thread, does it sound negative to you? Your post especially! Sure from the outside looking in, it may appear that all he listed seems unreasonable in a 5 day work week. Why jump down the guys ass about it, I'd abandon the tread too. Its not helping, if no one asks for your help!
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Good luck to him but his timeline is impossible......Thats all.
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