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stay away from husqvarna hedge trimmers! the $500.00 pair i had broke the first month i had them, the process continued over and over until finally they were out of warranty and i said screw it and bought a different brand. I don't think i could ever use them more than 30 min at one time without them breaking and I consistently oiled them. Maruyama was what i went with and i couldn't be happier! plus they cut alot faster than the husqvarna leaving a better finished product and increased productivity. I went to the GIE convention in Kentucky and mentioned my problems to a husqvarna rep and he goes, 'yea we had a lot of problems with them but now since we bought redmax its not an issue anymore" regardless i am not going to take my chances. I will say this, husqvarna makes great engines and their weed whips arent too bad either. thats about the only luck ive had with them though. Never had an issue with my maruyama and it probably runs for 6 hours every other day. Im considering looking into their weed whips
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