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Just a couple thoughts....

I'm not sure if showing pics of actual aeration jobs will do a lot to sell the service. What does everyone else on here think? To the average homeowner, wouldn't it just look like a lawn that's got a bunch of holes in it? I'd think it would be better to focus harder on why they actually need aeration and why it should be thought of as more than just a premium service, rather than what it looks like the day you do the job. For example, every dentist's ad I've ever seen shows people smiling with perfect teeth; I've yet to see an ad showing a guy leaving the dentist's office with a bloody, sore mouth, lol

Sell the fact that the soil needs to breathe, that you want to improve soil drainage, ability of fert/chems to get to the roots, etc. Not just a pic of a lawn that looks trashed to the untrained eye.

Also, not sure if you want to give out too much info about exact seed cultivars? Sometimes we give the homeowner too much info and it bites us in the back.

Those are just my thoughts. Anybody else?
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