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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
I'm trying hard to expand my business. I started as a mower and expanded into apps. I'm guess this year I may be 70% mowing and 30% apps. I have about 45-50 app customers.

I've heard a lot of you talk about working with mowing companies. I may approach a few and let them know I'd love to do their apps and maybe they can upsell. How do you handle the fact that i'm also a mower? I might can offer a mow/app package that would be cheaper for the customer than doing it seaparate.

Figured I'd approach it as either I bill them or I bill the mowing company and they pass it on. If the mowing company ask maybe I say a 1 year non compete for the customer's mowing services? What yall think?
To me you should singe a never compete

I do some spraying for LCO that is on here

He only has a back pack

And sorry i would never take his costumer

I guess my scruples are different than others

Why would any one give you a job when next year they know your going go afrter there job

Charles Cue
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