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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
I have had good results adding Quicksilver to either Manor or Celsius. When possible, I avoid Three Way or Speedzone southern on centipede and st augustine. It is a rare occasion that it is 75 or less in the day here. I am under tremendous pressure to deliver results. Big, tall weeds that take 2-3 weeks to go down will not sell. I have to break through the idea that the only way to maintain a lawn is by hand weeding. Lawn care here is about 100 years behind the times in Hawaii. It seems that the bigger the weed, the more dramatic the kill from the Quicksilver. At 1-2 oz added to sedge control herbicides, it even visibly damages nutsedge and kyllinga within a week. These applications are all done broadcast with a boom. It does not work the same if spot sprayed or applied through something other than a fan tip at set spacings and heights.
Looking at the Quicksilver label, I didnt realize it was carfentrazone as the active. The sedge burning your seeing is from that, That was the what I mentioned early in this thread. When I first saw the sedge getting burned with Speedzone southern, I called my rep and he said thats what people had been seeing. sedge isnt on the label but the carfentrazone will burn it. What are you using for goosegrass on st aug? is Revolver labeled for it?
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