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Distributor's Perspective

As a distributor, I have found that having access to manufacturers on a personal level has helped me to establish relationships that add to my ability to service my customers. Spending several days at conference and serving on committees with manufacturers adds to my knowledge of products and keeps me in the loop as to what is coming down the road. Walking through the AOLP Product Expo with customers helps me to better understand what my customers like and don't like about a particular manufacturer's products. Participation by manufactures in the AOLP is valuable on many levels for all involved.

The AOLP Product Expo is a one of a kind opportunity to introduce new products and place your company and products in front of the industry's top designers and contractors. The Expo is also a great place to start your relationship with the AOLP and get a sense of the energy of the AOLP Conference. Many of our Expo participants end up becoming full members before they leave.

If you are a manufacturer and are not an AOLP member you are missing an opportunity to interact with some of the most experienced lighting professionals in the industry; and establish relationships which will benefit your company for many years to come.
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