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The Heat and working
I am 60 years old last month and have been a firefighter for 22 years and landscaping for 10 years I have built up a decent business. Two weeks ago heat index was greater than 108 which is normal this time of year in N.MS and SW Tn. I thought I was acclimated to heat and humidity. I fell asleep on mower and woke up. Figured I was sleepy. Got some cool water and also being a former member of a spec-ops group in military. I wasn't ringing no darn bell. Got back on.mower and began to having short bursts of dozing off and woke up several times wondering where I was at untill I saw the customers home. I finished job and loaded up went home and wife freaked. I must have looked like hell ( I ain't good looking to start with) but she took me to ER. They put me 2 iv.s in and now I can't even play 9 holes of golf without becoming exhausted. I am not supposed to be working outside from 10am-4pm which makes long days. The moral of this story is simple. Heat is dangerous even for us in our occupation. It shouldn't be treated lightly. If you or an employee feels different than normal. Stop and get rest. It may be 6 weeks before I am completly recovered from heat exhaustio/heat stroke. The heat is a real deal....please respect it.
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