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It was slack at work today,so I looked at the G6s to see where some weight could be removed and it hit me Took about two hours using a bench grinder and lots of sweat but the final product looked slimmed up and ready for business.
The motor ran much smoother,motor response was a little quicker and the motor was able to rev a little higher up in RPM range.,which was my goal to achieve after the initial run with the G6s.
My neighbor hasn't mowed his grass in quite some time,so I took the liberty to make a trail run using the G6s and the motor took a subtle drop in RPMs but man the Snapper just kept jugging along spitting out fine dusted grass clippings,those blades truly perform past most expectations,noisy as heck but you get used to it.
The cutting quality is great,no more second passes cutting down on gas expenses, the suction these blades generate is unbelievable and I'm grinning from ear to ear listening to all the action taking place under the deck and most important,I didn't see one stringer standing. I found my replacement blades I'd still like to up the displacement sometime soon though.
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