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Originally Posted by mowerbrad View Post
I have not had any noticeable problems with my fuel (knock on wood). I recently started using mid-grade fuel (opposed to the regular I was using) in my handhelds and noticed that they start easier now.

I do use quality fuel and not just whatever I happen to come by or can get the cheapest.

What do you mean "quality fuel"? Anything to back that up? There's a fuel refinery near one of my jobs. There isn't a spigot marked "the good stuff". Virtually all fuel comes from the same place. If you have any solid evidence that one brand of fuel is better than another I'd love to hear it? The biggest difference between brands of fuel is marketing. 89 octane E-10 is what it is. Unfortunately there is no pure gas available within 100 miles of St Louis (that I've found).

As far as fuel problems, fuel lines, primer bulbs, diaphragms. Only in the handhelds. I have several old Toro T-bar walk behinds, one a 1998, one a 1994. Both with Kohler command engines. No fuel problems from them ever. Both have a zillion hours on them.

I've heard (no proof) that the ethanol blend is not very precise. One batch of E-10 may be 5% ethanol, another batch may be nearly 20%. Purely heresay, but it does explain the occasional meltdown of plastic/rubber.

I understand the EPA is in the roadtest phase with E-15... Won't that be lovely? More ethanol. Probably find the point it kills 4-cycle stuff soon.

The question I would like answered: does it make sense from an enviromental perspective to switch to these more "environmentally friendly" standards and fuels? How "green" is it to have to replace the equipment every couple years (or less). And how much fuel gets "dumped" due to concerns of age or moisture? Or due to DIY service to combat rotted fuel lines etc? I suspect in typical fashion, the new Government standards and fuels have made matters worse rather than better.
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