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Originally Posted by adforester View Post
So I have taken the NOFA organic land care course up here in MA. Northeastern organic land care. Anyway they really emphasize only using compost tea, never use roundup etc. Anyways,
heres the thing - one of my clients has a lawn that takes me 4 hours to mow, its a big lawn, last year it was a great lawn, i wasnt mowing or fertilizing. then this year i started mowing and someone started fertilizing using compost tea. And well the lawn looks like ^&*(!. I mean its completely overburdened by weeds, crabgrass, bermuda grass, its an awfull looking lawn now and im imbarrassed. Anyways, how do you all control weeds from taking over? Pre-emergents work well! ...but you dont use them???
how are they toxic?
So you only top dress? much does that cost?..and how do you apply it?
I just throw it with a shovel and hate it.
I mean a GREEN LAWN IS A HEALTHY LAWN--chemicals or not my friends
looks healthy probably because it is! the green industry is a scam...I got a degree in environmental studies and took a organic land care program, I keep exposing myself to alot of "organic" ideas but to tell you the truth I don't think any of the ideas are worthwhile.
a couple of things
where are you located and what type of turf is generally used where you are

what are the soils like generally in your area? sandy, heavy clay

how many applications of compost tea have been done and how often

has the site been on a chemical diet for many years or just left to be what chip osbourne calls "organic by default"

the last 2 summers in the mid atlantic and NE have been difficult at best on both the organic and chemically treated lawns, when you have several days of 100+ heat in May it tends to smoke cool season grasses for the year and promote heat loving plants like bermuda and CG

One of the sponsors on here compostwerks has several models of top dressers
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