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There's no silver bullet to organics. If someone touts one method of getting things done over others, I would take what they say with a grain of salt. It's your job as a company to research and experiment with what works best for your customers and properties. It also helps if customers will help out too, because they're paying you and helping ouit at the same time. While I do think compost tea is a great tool, I wouldn't expect it to be my only weapon on turf. Meals, chicken manure, seaweed, humic acid, and worm castings are just a few other tools I use as well. I want to add diversity while also giving the customer a green, healthy lawn.
It's just sad that some on this board haven't taken the time to try and understand organics and soils but have the time to bash them. Organics aren't for dummies or the stubborn. If you were forced into organics by the government or whomever, maybe it's time you moved or need to take up a new profession.
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