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My new profession is to dispute the bull Sh*t being fed. Its just as rewarding as watching weeds grow.

Nofa, OMRI, Chip Osborne, Paul Tukey

I know for a fact when your organic program is not working your pulling out the pesticides. Oh it was only one time right.

I hope they ban it in your neck of the woods, you will have a change of heart.

By the way look back in the archives, Ive been on this site quite a while trying anything new for a so called healthier lawn. I even purchased a microscope with camera to watch soil activity.

We still offer organic products with our Dump truck , fork lift, skid steer and Power spreaders. I mean that literally. Oh ya Im a rat trap expert too now because of it.

Many USA Golf Couse superintendents, USA municipalities all have a similar view now that they have been using these organic products for the past 5 or so years.

I dont need to show the links althought I could, you show me the proof organics work without cheating using the occasional pesticide.

Why did Frank Rossi at Cornell University fail at the Bethpage Black Organic Program, because he is stubborn or a dummy, which is it?
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