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Well Hay, I had originally asked to see what program you were using to do your work. Guess I won't get that. My programs range from a "bridge" program to a full organic program. Do I tell my customers that their lawn will not have any weeds? No. Would I tell them that their lawn won't have any weeds if I was synthetically treating them? No. In fact, with a summer like this one, there are very few lawns in my area that have come through unscathed. Crabgrass abounds everywhere, and for the non irrigated lawns, they are going to require some major renovations.

To be honest, my programs are based on my customer's wants and needs. If they have a low/no weed tolerance, then it is always a bridge program, and I am honest with them about it. However, I can say that I have used Cedar Cure from ICT (Via Tech Terra), and it has worked well on the grubs.

I work hard to educate my customers and explain to them what will need to be done in order to go organic. I also tell them what their responsibilities are, and what they should expect from either of my programs. If I start with bridge, then it is done with the goal of getting them over to a fully organic program in time. If it is organic that they want, then we go all out for that.

So, no, you don't need to call BS, because I don't have a silverbullet for you. But for you to say that organics just don't work, I have to call BS, because it is working for me.
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