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We dont have that option. Its either Organic now or Organic now. No Weening them off of pesticides and then when they start complaining give them a quick app of 2,4-D

Your customers will not be as tolerant as you say, unless you only have 1.

Educate is what the Ontario government and activists say over and over, do you think customers really listen, give me a break on that one.

Ontario residents are now going to the USA to buy their pesticides and applying it themselves.

But I am glad you were honest. I was expecting a different answer.

I posted a link to Tendershoots in another thread, they were organic with Compost type slurry setup, a first in Ontario since the ban. Guess what they are offering now, FIESTA. (a crappy alternative pesticide just to barely meet customer expectations if they use the product off label)

Just out of curiosity what percentage of your customer base is 100% Organic

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