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Originally Posted by robro1102 View Post
How about checking the engine oil before starting a thread ?
I think we're looking at the wrong end of the horse.

I certainy deserve that comment. I just can't believe I ran it without oil. I never had any sign of it running hot or leaking or anything. That being said, I must face reality.

This is a Kohler Courage 21 HP SV610-0020. If I locked it up, please answer probably this last question. Do people rebuild these types of engines, or is it just not feasible to mess with? If I got one of those "pullers" mentioned above, I think it is obvious I would not know what to do with it.

Can the community "small engine repair guy" do this type of work, or are we talking a true ENGINE SHOP?

Thanks for all of you help.
Robro....Sorry about the "Slap".....You didnt deserve it.....
Guess Im just like all the other mower techs on Monday mornings in the middle of August.

I realize if you were a mechanic, we probably wouldnt be having this conversation. If you can get the engine freed up, it might go back to work. Unfortunately, it would probably be cheaper to replace than rebuild.

Good Luck,

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