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I have them, I will be giving an indepth review at the end of the season on them. So far for the price I would not suggest them. Although the idea is good, you have to take into consideration the sharpening, the only way to sharpen them is with your bench grinder, not magna-matics because of the disc, also balancing the blades, thats my biggest problem. You have to weigh the blades individually. The disc is also out of balance because the blades kick back on the disc and tore one of my discs, yea the 1/4" metal disc or whatever it is tore. I think they are more of a pain then they are worth. Sure you don't have to sharpen as often. Sure, it chops it up finer but if I would like to see a comparison with these and + blade setup, but if your cutting thick grass, your probably going to have to double cut anyways. If I got them for free or the price of normal blades I would take them anyday but at the $240 price tag for I regret buying them. Also he says he has a 30-day gurantee if you don't like them you get your money back... thats a lie.. you dont get your shipping and have to pay a 20% restocking fee. I'll see in fall how good they chop up the leaves.

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