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As a dealer I am blown away that the guy told you to "get a laywer" Thats the worst business practice I have herd of on here. I have never had a customer threaten me with a laywer thank god. But if I was in this situation, I would take care of this guys mower. And in the situation that I do have an issue with a mower, Hustler, Scag, Wright are allways just one phonecall away and are more then willing to help me get the issues resolved.

I belive this guys story 100% but I cant wrap my head around a dealer who tells someone to get a laywer. Thats like saying I know im in the wrong but you will have to prove it.

And then to tell someone u are not at the shop and have live webcams is funny.

Id be sure to tell your laywer that he is refusing to answer your calls and not helping you, when you knowingly know he is in his shop.

I hope this guy goes out of business for everyones sake. And yes id call every news station in the area and let them know of how he is handling this matter.
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