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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
The only thing I didn't point out is that the factory has one, offered to meet you at a diferent dealership to resolve problems (because you don't get along with your local obviously), send you parts to your house for free, and then to top it off, offered to come to your house to evaluate your mower (immediatly after their personal preplanned vacation, which I noticed most of the reps take this time of year).
It just seems like you don't really want it fixed, or the situation resolved. A the next dealer is too far B you don't like the idea of the parts coming to your house for free C You don't like waiting till labor day.
This whole situation is so simple, check the wire on your temp guage (prolly is loose at the place it plugs in), tighten your brake cable a little, if the idler arm is bent....replace it, your belts are covered for 90 days, so you havent had to pay for a belt if it did break because of the bent arm, and finally on the exhaust cover, either throw it in the scrap metal pile, or put the bolts back in it with locktite. If you are mowing wet tall grass, just plan on double cutting until you figue out what blades work best for the clumping issue. I know its scary to have issues right out of the box on your new equipment, but as I tell everyone that purchases equipment, if you are gonna have unusual issues, its usually during the break in period, after that you are usually good to go.. I have mowed on alot of mowers, and all mowers clump in wet tall grass to some degree (yes even on a Velocity plus, mowed on a cheetah in lots of situations last month). I do admit the 61" deck does handle the grass better than the 60", but its not a failure of the machine, simply an opinion of cut quality.
I have seen motors lock up in less than 3 hours (4 now), thats what a warranty is for to fix something like that, protects the consumer and the biz.
Just curious, under NC law, what would you actually be sueing for (or under what grounds). If its a long shot, I would be extremely worried about a countersue for defamation.
Here is just one case I found the poster simply posted anonymously that people in the company were liars, and the company won.
Not trying to be a dick or anything, just noticing from a distance that they are trying to work with you to resolve your issues anyway they can... I don't think anyone has refused to fix your mower for you, the day that comes, then you have every right as a consumer to sue away.
Lol.....Wow, where did you find some grass that wet around here last month. With the record heat and drought we are having I couldn't find grass that wet even mowing it right after the irrigation cuts off.
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