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Originally Posted by smithfabinc View Post
Its a little different in NC. We tried to be reasonable, and gave many many chances for this dealer to make it right. We didnt threaten him with a lawyer, we simply said If we have to go to that point, we will, but we dont want to. After all the excuses, and the BS he told us after the sale, We are not going to just have to "accept" the issues with this mower. The attorney we chose is very reasonable, and basically if we dont collect, he doesnt get paid. The dealer pulling the crap he did yesterday was the last straw, so We arent playing anymore games. After the dealer making several comments that we would need a lawyer..... well, we got one.
As you see in my last (and rather large) post, this is another alteration of the facts, he sat in my office and said "I am not leaving without all of my money or I am getting a lawyer and suing you." Had it not been for this threat, I would be working on his mower instead of typing these posts. My next post will be a repeat of my previous post with more clarity, sorry but I was in a hurry.
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