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Originally Posted by LibertyFarmLandscaping View Post
Lol.....Wow, where did you find some grass that wet around here last month. With the record heat and drought we are having I couldn't find grass that wet even mowing it right after the irrigation cuts off.
Lol, my wife posted pics on our facebook, I let the kids play in the yard with water toys for hours and then It was so wet I got the cheetah stuck in my yard.... Had to do the same thing a couple of months ago testing out an outfront zipper. My biggest complaint about my front deck hopper was the handling of the wet grass, I loved the zipper in dry conditions but had to get creative in a short week for wet grass. I even drove around with it on my trailer looking for freshly sprinkled yards, but I guess the guys that mow those yards dont have anything else to do, most said they put heavy fertilizer for free on their yards and turned up the sprinklers, I even called some of my LCOs I had in my phone to see if I could help them mow.... Everything I tried to find to mow was freshly cut, or very little grass to
I cant believe zipper is not talked about more, it was a really nice mower, alot of diamond plate steel, powerfold deck standard, 28hp kawasaki (with an enclosed engine compartment. I could whisper over the motor running), screaming power with the 28hp, I think they run a really high rpm on the blade tip speed (I would guess way more than I am used too, maybe even like 24000 it was sick), the blades were screaming, handles even very overgrown stuff perfectly, easy fold out design, waay simplier to work on than a hopper, and not to mention a 61" front deck for $9999 was sweet, their 54" was $7999 in the front deck with a 25hp kawasaki. Custom powdercoated any color for $300, 5 year parts and labor warranty on everything, I was really blown away by the mower. I thought it was a little rough (rep said they have a suspension option now, blow out on the front of the deck was bad (rep said they have an adjustable lip option to fix), and the controls were very touchy (rep said they offer steering dampners for an option). With those three options they have a near perfect front deck. No striping, but everything looked manicured that I mowed, I mean everything even grass taller than the, I would go with the dual tail wheel option too because the middle wheel left a strange looking mark in the yard.. I told him to come back with one for my to try with those options, and he has him a huckleberry for sure....

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