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Nice looking work

Originally Posted by Mowingkid35 View Post
I always kind of wonder why you guys in the south that do the landscaping go with 2 wheel drive trucks?? I would think knowing that you haul heavy loads you would go with a 4wd
Originally Posted by Premier landscaping south View Post
Yeah I agree. Look I am from Detroit and yes 4WD is almost a neccesity. Down here when it snows you do not want to be on the roads in the first place. Inexperienced drivers and big hills.

I want to get a F-350 dump for my next truck. Yes it will be 2WD. Save time at the landfill and deliver my own mulch. Plus it will save room in my trailer.

BTW does a 4WD 1/2 ton have heaver springs in the rear end than a 2WD 1/2 ton?
I think a lot of times 2wd trucks actually have a higher payload and tow rating than 4wd trucks. (Same truck one 2wd and other 4wd obviously)
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