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Originally Posted by wicklivin View Post
I told my dealer rep to either arrange a demo I can cut with, or give me a written purchase option of them picking it up if I don't like it and set me up with the another make/model. I'm a rather large guy 6' 4" 325lbs and if I don't like the ride/fit on the Cub, I might want to try the Hustler.

Would any of you buy a $5,000 plus mower without trying one out first? Most dealers have demo models for people to try and most of the regional sales reps can arrange something.
you would be shocked, over half of the customers I sold to this year would not test drive the mowers till after they bought it. I often have to teach a person to drive a mower on delivery. I do not have a demo Hustler sport but I do let someone drive it before they buy it.
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