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Below is a C & P of a E mail I got from a friend who work for the County Public Works. They of course issue Mowing contracts for the county etc. I have XXXed out Names etc. BTW I don't do any County work so there are no conflict of interests here just friendship & a great deal of respect for this gentleman. Plus this guy is straight up and there is no way he would do anything illegal of immoral. The ROW Mowing contract I have asked about is one I have followed for years after seeing a medium 6 figure bid price. However after doing the math the per thousand Sq Ft price is like $ 0.25.

I have posted about this same Bid before and have already talked about how the one new bidder under the bid the former Contractors Costs by 15%. So I guess this is an update.

Thanks for the wick applicator info. The Specialty Mowing contract went back out for bids after the last vendor forfeited it in April and XXXXer Services, the low bidder, deemed qualified and responsive, began July 1. In that meanwhile, XXXXan’s Lawn Care took care of it for the county. We don’t understand, either, how the work continues to increase, but bids get lower & lower. Contractors/people are desperate for cash flow, of course, in these times & as you know.

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