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Well, a lot has happened these past few weeks. First of all, the truck was recovered on the east side of Cleveland. A few dents and dings more than when it left, but otherwise ok. These guys were smart, took the battery out of the cell phone (knew we could ping it), took the fuel card but didn't dare use it, and only took the front plate off (not unusual to see vehicles without front plates). Furthermore, they left my FOP plate on the back (I'm a cop) probably knowing that most cops don't run other FOP plates.

While initially reassured by the insurance company, we've begun a fight to get some of what we lost replaced. They decided to depreciate all of the scheduled equipment and I've spent countless hours proving what shape my equipement was in. We're making some headway, though.

Baker Vehicle Systems in Macedonia, Ohio!!!! Can't say enough about this company. I contacted the sales guy, Ron Wolfe, and told him what happened. He lended us two brand new 2011 Hustler Super Z's, no questions asked and free of charge, to get through the hump. Without them, we would have been in some deep do-do...

Ironically, we have been talking about getting GPS tracking units for each of our three trucks. We signed the contract for 3 years through Advantrack the day before our shop was broken in to, receiving them four days later. Talk about a day late and a few thousand dollars short. It's installed and is AWESOME. Check them out

I've been on Craigslist, Ohio Farm & Dairy, Ebay, Equipment Trader, etc. nearly every day. No luck on the equipment. I'm most pissed off about my new aerator and two snow blowers because they weren't on our policy yet. Live and learn, I guess.

Thanks for all your well wishes!
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