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A home improvement company built and sold the site to the current owners.

I worked as a driver for a few years but that company provided the vehicles. So they paid a lower rate. Last winter I wasnt even going to plow but we had close to record snow falls. So I quit the part time and did that as a solo with 22'' on the ground. We had almost our annual snow in one storm. So part of this has nothing to do with experience. I like having a set storm price that me and the customer know in advance. Less problems later.

Its billing discrepancies. If i bid a job at 3 hours and it takes 5 I take a loss and deal with it. If I bill for 22 hours for one storm and they think it shouldnt have took more then 8. Theres major problems. There has been serious litigation in this state after last winter with snow removal and clearing snow from roofs. There was companies charging 110-150 per man hour for roofs. They handed the town a $300,000 bill for 3 schools. Another company charge $350 per machine and had a 100 subs working for them, they billed the city 5.9 million. Both the above are still trying to collect. There was a investigation into price gouging.

So I want to be competitive and not gouge. At the same time I got my eye on a f450 and would love to recoup that money this winter. On the other hand if we go to previous snow falls. I wont have a chance. It almost becomes invest for a chance to make money for three months or the whole year. I talked to my insurance agent and plowing is covered in my policy. I wasnt sure because a previous policy excluded snow coverage.
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