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Originally Posted by SECTLANDSCAPING View Post
I would rent the skid steer or sub if possible. The back of the office looks like the biggest challenge to me. Since I have to push it 100' and go around the corner to stack. The front parking lot is about 75x150 the back is around 40x150. I could measure them later in the week.

So you guys think its to much pushing for a normal plow? I would need a V or side wings? I could sell the smaller one and try to find a v. I did talk to a contractor that did it before and he said they were throwing snow over the fence. So Im assuming he didnt have a loader either. He wouldnt tell me how many hours it took either. i know it would be a nightmare with a foot snow on the ground.
You can get you a V plow with wings on it western 9.6 + wings = 12 wide makes it moving snow
or get you one them 8-10 plow
But tell you there be days where drifts are big and you be happy having V plow to bust the first run
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