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Power coming back on common

I walked into a problem. A Hunter ICC clock with 32 zones. Zones 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,11,13,14 do not come on with the clock. When I put a multi-meter on the clock, there are multiple stations with showing power. Oddly enough, the zones that work, 6,10,12,15,16... do not have power. (as they should not) There are multiple common wires, 5, coming into the central wiring box. As I tested, one of the common wires had 25.7 volts coming through it. I realized this is why the zones on the clock were reading power. I am thinking I have a solinoid that has gone bad letting power through. Also, I have 3 Valve boxes under water. I pumped them out and pulled the wires up to dry. They appeared fine but...
So the question is...How would it be possible for multiple zones to want to fire, ie. the hot common?? Would one bad solinoid do that?? Would the problem only occur when the zone with the bad solinoid fires?? Appearantly not!! How can I locate which solinoid is bad without checking all 11 that are not working?? My brain hurts!!
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