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since your thinking gravely let me shed some light on the subject . i have about 7 of them all bought new at the same time all have currently between 600-800 hours total with 35 hours a week being put on them.
for a home owner are they good i think so. For commercial use i say maybe,
All was great on all of them to the 500 hour mark and this is what has been done since
1 unit has had a caseseal on the hydro replaced/ started seeping at 200 hours blew out at 600 hours$350.00 total repair
unit 2 starter gave no warnig of tearing up 700 hours started fine, sharpened blades went to start again nothing but a spinning noise.
dealer said shaft broke off 325.00 for repair
unit 3 has had about 9 trips over electrical issues clutch wont come on pop the switch 3 times and on it comes

unit 4 starter and flywheel after shaft broke on it as well. now it is doint the same with the clutch switch was replaced used a week now the system is dead.

unit 5 rocker arm worked lose, 5 days later again that time a bent push rod as well

unit 6 and 7
same clutch deal but it shoots fuses and we have to replace the fuse the let the mower run to build back the voltage to allow the clutch to function again.
at the dealer there is about 15 other uits and they said electrical problems is the orm on high hour units.
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