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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
Great review!

Haven't put them on yet. May have to after Irene to get rid of excess clippings though.

Here is why your not having problems spinning these blades....

Your stock deck already comes with .250" by 3" blades! As you stated these may even be lighter than your stock blades!

Your not running a 15mph machine with 21cc pumps. (yours is an integrated 10cc pump/gear reduction motor combo)

Your deck is wide open in the front. No restrictively close baffle arrangement.

Just putting this out there since you bolded the anyone part!
Thanks for the kind words. I tried to be thorough, and post anything that I have found positive or negative about them.

Actually, if you re-read my post, my deck came with 5/16" std lift blades. I didn't mention this in my review though since the difference makes them almost identical in weight, they are 5/16"x 2.5" instead of the full 3" width of the OEM high lifts I replaced them with.

Hopefully, you'll not have any major problems from Irene where you are. I think that if your machine does well with spinning these blades, you'll be pretty happy with them, but I would be interested in hearing what you find either way. It matters to me what other are experiencing, since I may one day ride a machine very similar to theirs, and I can learn a lot by listening/reading.

Just an FYI- I wasn't directing that anyone comment at you or anyone else particular. It's just that I have seen several comments on this site that have been posted saying these blades are too heavy/don't spin up well, and usually from guys with much more powerful engines than I have (though this 25 HP Kohler is impressing me so far on that point).
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