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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
Oh, and adjust your settings, I'm only on page 6
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Yep, just go to your user CP and change the settings for the number of posts per page. You can go all the way up to 40 which is what I did, and I'm only on page 5 here.

My G6's differ from TLS's because I have a different machine. I don't have pics, and should have posted some with my review. Maybe I can do that tomorrow so that others can see the variations out there according to machine. Mine are straight along the cutting edge for about 5" as I posted before, but then due to the way the blades are shaped for my mower application, they have a "wave" to them that starts at about 5" in from the end, and curves up and in towards the spindle, which makes it even more like a mulch blade. There is approximately 8" of cutting edge on mine, maybe a tad more.
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