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Originally Posted by alanauer View Post
Thanks. Not to argue, just to learn...

I guess there's one plug-spark per engine rev (on a gasoline 4-stroke), but unless it's a direct-drive system, is it certain that there's one blade rev per engine rev?

"... full length sharpened blades ... aids in high speed high volume cutting quality" because there's less air resistance, because cutting takes place other than at the tip, or both?
It's true that most of the cutting takes place at the tip, but by having a longer cutting edge that is sharp while cutting long and/or high volumes of grass, the engine doesn't have to work as hard, since sharp blades slice through the clippings (rather than battering them around) that have been already taken off, but are still under the deck and on there way out the discharge chute.
Too, many blades get bent over by the front edge of the deck, and don't spring back up (actually they are sucked up by the vacume affect of the blades sail) in time to be taken off by the leading edge of the blade, so having a longer cutting edge helps with QOC.
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