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Originally Posted by ChicagoLawn View Post
LHS....... makes complete sense to me.

Just wondering what the main points were in considering a tractor VS. skid steer (of any kind).

My general observations are that a tractor: Has a faster transport speed, use of rear mounted attachments, taller for improved visibility, larger overall size can assist in lifting more weight with ease, service life is greater due to being more "distant" from work, more spacious cab, etc.

Please tell me where I'm going wrong or what have I missed.

Thanks again!
I've operated both skid steers and tractors quite a bit and they both have their strong points. I've found the skid steer type machine is better for bucket visability, breakout force, lift height, and lift capacity when compared to a tractor of similar horsepower and weight. However; most tractors have a better road speed to transport between tasks like snow plowing, they keep you out of the dust better if you are using a harley rake or similar attachment on the 3pt hitch, they can have two attachments on at once like i use a bucket on the loader while having a harley rake on the back so i can move dirt with the bucket and rake it out without having to change attachments, and another thing is tractors normally cause less damage when running them on existing turf.
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