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Originally Posted by Az Gardener View Post
I deleted everything else in your post to point out the most important part. Once you have a sound system in place you will be able to hire someone other than yourself to do estimates. You will not be anchored to your business, your business will work for you rather than the other way around. Obviously you have many more systems to develop but your on the right track. Congratulations!
exactly, im not saying everything in my business is perfect by anymeans. but what you said is the most important part, someone else to do estimates. I dont want to always be tied to doing every single estimate that gets called in. I want to run my business, manage the crews, and help my business grow. And if as an owner your out on the mower every day, running estimates all the time, and then doing all of the other stuff too, your never going to grow as a business.

look at other business on this site, do you think that etw could be where hes at today if he was still in the field actually doing the work no. A company like perfect earth, im sure if he found suitable people to continue to put up the type of work he does himself, and not be in the truck every day working, his business could be much larger than it is now.

Its one of the hardest hurdles to get over as a business owner, getting off the mower and behind the desk, but when you do you will notice results.
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