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Originally Posted by easy-lift guy View Post
In this industry it is still to early to tell who will end up on top or have any sort of advantage over ones competion real or otherwise. Last time I checked it was still raining and material is still growing and requiring maintenance, although the building trade has almost come to a stop there is still work out there to be done. I say let the Big company's continue to slug it out. In the end it will come down to price/service. Big or small concern the bottom line is no one can Pimp themselfs better than themselfs. If you can deliver you will always have work. Let the big company's deal with all of the drama and stuff.
easy-lift guy.

I don't think the smaller professional Maintenance guys are hurting in our area's present economy. They have a customer base and their is still is a demand for quality work. Your Market area is actual HUGE and has a higher disposable income compared to my area south of you. But if I ever had any hopes of expanding into your area the Tree Hugger Laws and BS have kept me away so far. But it is a very big market I would like to tackle but have my reservations

While I have some smaller commercial customers and fined them very profitable, I try and stay Residential for the most part. Call it a comfort zone.

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