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Originally Posted by zheinfeld View Post
Hey all hope everyone is ready to enjoy labor day weekend. I just bought my first big ztr mower and wondering what you all thought. Snapper pro 200xt with the 32 HP big block for 6950.00 that included tax out the door. I will be posting soon on how it runs. it was still in the crate so they will have it ready Thursday.
Please tell me that with all of the bad press on the 32 hp Big Blocks you didn't really buy one did you? This is a joke right? OMG...I hope you didn't really spend good money for one of those....and especially on a Snapper.... nothing but double trouble!! Could you be the only person on the planet that doesn't know about this terrible engine and mower combo?

There is a class action lawsuit as we speak on these two dreadful combinations, so you need to get a an attorney ASAP.

OK....hello...wake up....take your blood pressure NOW! I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself...just felt a little "devilish".
There is nothing but good news about your new mower....I just wanted to mess with you. Are you breathing regularly again?

Enjoy your new ride, and I'm sorry again....

PS. Sometimes I think "I ain't wared up right"!

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