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Originally Posted by zheinfeld View Post
Hey all hope everyone is ready to enjoy labor day weekend. I just bought my first big ztr mower and wondering what you all thought. Snapper pro 200xt with the 32 HP big block for 6950.00 that included tax out the door. I will be posting soon on how it runs. it was still in the crate so they will have it ready Thursday.
That sounds like a darn good deal to me. I looked at some at a dealer about 50 miles from me, and they wanted a lot more than that! I have never had the chance to operate one, but if I could have gotten a deal like you did, I'd have one in my garage now. I liked how wide the stance was on the 200xt series. Which deck size did you get? I can't recall now if you have a choice with the 32 or not. The one at the place I went was a 72". They are nice mowers IMO. Congrats!
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