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Originally Posted by kirkmbrown2001 View Post
Any thoughts? Would you agree that having a mobile-friendly website would be very beneficial?

Take a look at my mobile site (viewable on desktop computer too)
The way I look at it, selecting landscaping and professional tree care should be slow, time consuming and graphic - rich. Big - Huge - Colorful - Abundant

What that means, is lots of photos and information that someone needs a good size screen to look at and read. I've seen friends and family hobble-along trying to browse on the best of hand-held devices, and it's really such a crutch. Obviously okay if we need to quickly find out what address and turn to take to a Best Western in San Diego if we are on the move.But really pitiful for browsing and selecting a landscape or green industry service.

Personally, I don't even like using my laptop anymore for looking at images or editing them. I wait until I'm back home on the desktop computer.

So I tweek my website for nice big juicy screens, with lots of photos. Phones can scavenge text from pages, but that seems so emergency-like. For the Fast-Food end of landscape maintenance where maybe service or experiences is down the totem pole of priorities, it might work better. Like "Mow & Blow" or bark mulch spreading. Those basic services that mean not much more to shoppers than choosing one brand of toilet paper over another, or one deodorant stick over another. Where the name, label and price at a glance is all they look for.

On those percentages you posted, did you notice that "thinking" wasn't even listed?
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