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Originally Posted by BFuller View Post
Hi Guys,

I landscape up in the Vancouver area of Canada and enjoy seeing what other guys are doing around North America.

We do maintenance as well as installations and I was curious about the river rock perimeter along the turf edges of the bedding renovations you been showing us. From a maintenance perspective, would it be better to put a discrete edging between the rock and the turf so the turf won't "creep" into the rock? I've been using a flexible, black vinyl edging for many years that takes edging the turf along bedding completely out of the maintenance equation.

Just thought I'd ask. Love the pics and your customers are obviously getting a good product for their money!


Thanks Barry for the comments!

As I look back I do see an actual trenched edge between the rock and turf might be a better idea however I haven't had a problem with the turf creeping yet. I'm able to line trim the edge so it stays crisp.

I don't use black plastic edging as I think it looks cheap and tacky. Its either the stone edging or a natural turf edge.
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