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Please let us know how it turns out.

Are you buying new or used?

These don't seem to pop up all that often on the used market around here and I've not found a rental yard that uses them yet to get a better look/feel for their design. The only ones I can find lately are over 5 hours away from me, so its not like I can just run out and look at it. I'm not opposed to buying one long distance, but I'd like some confidence that these are decent machines in general before I make a trip.

Ditch Witch seems to have a good reputation, but I've read two very unsettling reviews from members on this board (blown hoses, poor welds, pumps and motor going out quickly) that run contrary to that. I've also seen a few good reviews (i.e. no problems except normal PM), but they were short on detail. I know first year models can have more problems, but some of these reviews were a couple of years after the XT850 came out. Just a little worried on the long term life of one of these with everything packed in so tight. The machines I'm looking at are in the 1000 hour range just for info.

Looking forward to more responses.

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